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Belief Desire Intention agents typically pursue multiple goals in parallel. Previous approaches to avoiding conflicts between concurrently executing intentions treat plans as atomic units, and attempt to interleave plans in different intentions so as to minimise conflicts. However some conflicts cannot be resolved by appropriate ordering of plans and can only be resolved by appropriate interleaving of steps within plans.… Read more →

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Drawing from previous research on shea availability in the Gambella region this research focuses on previously identified areas of identified shea resource. Findings suggest that human development and environmental degradation decrease the presence of indigenous forest may have adverse effects.Non timber forest products (NTFPs) refer to goods collected from forests such as wild plants and animals other than timber. NTFPs… Read more →

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A discussion of Harty’s hybrid methodology: action theoria, will provide an instance of the interweaving of theory and practice. Action theoria incorporates the cyclical and iterative process of action research intention; action; review with a process of theoria the dialogue of both practice and theory’s relationship to a given subject matter. Following this, the paper will discuss the interweaving of… Read more →

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The final part was a Skype Q and A session with Susannah, who was due to give birth to twins at any moment. Intermittent sound problems could have reinforced the anti technology argument but to see and hear Susannah in real time countered this more than sufficiently. The Keynote surfaced what for me were many of the key themes of… Read more →