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We tested the predictions using regression, variance partitioning and structural equation modelling to disentangle potential influences of key climate variables on NRI and PSV, and of all variables on species richness.Results: Species richness correlated very strongly with minimum temperature, nonlinearly overall but linearly where freezing is absent. The phylogenetic variables also correlated strongly with minimum temperature. While NRI and PSV… Read more →

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Garcia Esparza spent a summer performing electrochemistry experiments at SSRL to characterize the new catalyst under operational conditions. Idea was to work together to see how the molybdenum coated catalyst performed and determine its electronic structure when it was operating, said Sokaras. Wanted to understand why the back reaction doesn happen. In the 19th Century fevers were defined as an… Read more →

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Belief Desire Intention agents typically pursue multiple goals in parallel. Previous approaches to avoiding conflicts between concurrently executing intentions treat plans as atomic units, and attempt to interleave plans in different intentions so as to minimise conflicts. However some conflicts cannot be resolved by appropriate ordering of plans and can only be resolved by appropriate interleaving of steps within plans.… Read more →

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