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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infected patients are at risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Individuals at heightened riskcould be targeted by intensive follow up surveillance. We have conducted a systematic review of the literature to identify host genetic predisposition to HCC in HCV infected patients.A comprehensive search of Medline and Embase databases was performed and the strength of evidence of… Read more →

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I don’t pay attention to ads.” And yet, study after study shows that ads actually work. Patients buy the products advertised and request prescriptions for advertised pharmaceuticals in their doctors’ offices. Stated flatly, patients aren’t aware that they’re being influenced and neither are doctors.. Depending on the circumstances and the amount consumed, nicotine can act as either a stimulant or… Read more →

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The OTA website includes provocative statements such as application of harmful chemicals over public areas without our permission is a violation of our human rights. Btk is a biological insecticide, not chemical. Even the base of the spray, the liquid into which the Btk is mixed, is organic. Looking to avoid an embarrassing series defeat, India get a track that… Read more →

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But to the black people who watched the “heroic” Klansmen lynching their ancestors, it certainly qualified as horror. African Americans got their first horror hero with Duane Jones’ timeless performance in 1968’s Night Of The Living Dead, which Horror Noire uses as a jumping off point to explore the evolving relationship between the genre and race. Interviewees include veteran horror… Read more →

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This article focuses on the remoteness of loss. It will be shown that the availability of damages under legal regimes created by the main international conventions, such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, are essentially the same, although there are some wording dissimilarities in the rules dealing with the remoteness test. However, the… Read more →

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In their Saturday article, The Times reporters said they spoke with at least seven people who supported Ramirez account, including two classmates who heard about the incident shortly after it allegedly occurred. Ramirez mother told the reporters that she had heard about the Yale incident long before Kavanaugh was a federal judge. The other people whose accounts supported Ramirez were… Read more →

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