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And Pascale, E. And Pohlen, M. And Rigby, E. In any case, Spang’s efforts are not going unnoticed by the national media. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about new art shows that break stereotypes. Spang’s “War Shirt” sculptures were mentioned as part of the Denver Art Museum’s groundbreaking new installation of its vast Native American art collection.… Read more →

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His multi million dollar donation will be distributed through the school new Student Success Program. In addition to paying off the debt of the 2019 graduates, this program will solicit and accept donations to help reduce or eliminate the student loan debt of other Morehouse students, school president David A. Thomas said.. It is not respectful for Manitoba to treat… Read more →

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In Homo sapiens, this is now recognised as body odour, a key chemical component of which is the sulphurous thioalcohol, 3 methyl 3 sulfanylhexan 1 ol (3M3SH). Volatile 3M3SH is produced in the underarm as a result of specific microbial activity, which act on the odourless dipeptide containing malodour precursor molecule, S Cys Gly 3M3SH, secreted in the axilla (underarm)… Read more →

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But the dysfunction doesn’t stop there. Trustees continue to lean toward a single bond proposition, offering the lame excuse that if they gave voters, say two choices, voters might approve the less urgent proposition and vote down the proposition that contains the district’s vital needs. In other words, voters are too dumb to discern the district’s true needs from the… Read more →

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Perhaps the biggest up and comer in talk shows is ThisWeekIn. Entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis, founder of Mahalo, started the show ThisWeekInStartups in 2009 and subsequently grew it to a network of 20 shows, with topics ranging from YouTube to Mad Men. Calacanis’ format includes news, interviews and audience interactive segments, and he broadcasts through Ustream.. Sellers MUST enter… Read more →