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And Pascale, E. And Pohlen, M. And Rigby, E. In any case, Spang’s efforts are not going unnoticed by the national media. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about new art shows that break stereotypes. Spang’s “War Shirt” sculptures were mentioned as part of the Denver Art Museum’s groundbreaking new installation of its vast Native American art collection.… Read more →

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His multi million dollar donation will be distributed through the school new Student Success Program. In addition to paying off the debt of the 2019 graduates, this program will solicit and accept donations to help reduce or eliminate the student loan debt of other Morehouse students, school president David A. Thomas said.. It is not respectful for Manitoba to treat… Read more →

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In Homo sapiens, this is now recognised as body odour, a key chemical component of which is the sulphurous thioalcohol, 3 methyl 3 sulfanylhexan 1 ol (3M3SH). Volatile 3M3SH is produced in the underarm as a result of specific microbial activity, which act on the odourless dipeptide containing malodour precursor molecule, S Cys Gly 3M3SH, secreted in the axilla (underarm)… Read more →

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Of course, ISIS continues to launch attacks. Taken back the caliphate, Trump says. Doesn mean one of the crazies doesn walk into a store all bombed up. Next to that, the most fun was provided by the ever amusing Steve Coogan and Alfred Molina. The gaff is that Coogan is bitterly English, hating Hollywood, the people and the improperly brewed… Read more →

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Neti Pot Truth 1: Neti pots were popular long before Dr. Oz “discovered” them. In yoga science, the sixth chakra, or third eye, lies between the eyebrows and resonates with clear thinking and clear vision, he says. Some are associated with prehistoric archaeological material, which has been the focus of ongoing archaeological investigations over the past decade. Dating and interpretation… Read more →

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