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Three stories never named the drugs being described.Half the drugs had not been approved by the FDA and 14 percent had not been tested on humans.Journalists were the ones most likely to use the superlatives, accounting for 55 percent of instances. Congress.”What we found is that it wasn’t just journalists,” Prasad told Health. “It’s physicians and people putting out press… Read more →

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A novel framework for probabilistic based structural assessment of existing structures, which combines model identification and reliability assessment procedures, considering in an objective way different sources of uncertainty, is presented in this paper. A short description of structural assessment applications, provided in literature, is initially given. Then, the developed model identification procedure, supported in a robust optimization algorithm, is presented.… Read more →

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When large numbers of Post and Remove notifications occur, a corresponding increase in negative affective measures is detected. Our predictive model has achieved a good accuracy level using three different classifiers “in the wild” (F measure 74 78% within subject model, 72 76% global model). Our findings show that it is possible to automatically predict when people are experiencing positive,… Read more →

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Everything changes.”He said this Doll had been particularly well received in Melbourne and Brisbane.”There was a sense of the play belonging to both cities,” he said. ”In Brisbane, Robyn Nevin [who plays Olive’s mother, Emma] bumped into someone in the street who said, ‘I’m glad you’ve brought it back to us’ and in Melbourne there’s an absolute sense of ownership.… Read more →

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The growing popularity and application of Web services have led to an increase in attention to the vulnerability of software based on these services. Vulnerability testing examines the trustworthiness, and reduces the security risks of software systems, however such testing of Web services has become increasing challenging due to the cross platform and heterogeneous characteristics of their deployment. This paper… Read more →

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See, modern medicine isn’t really about the search for scientific truth; it’s about the search for selective truth any sort of truth that agrees with their current belief systems and supports their financial interests. In that sense, modern medicine is more like a religion. It is based on a series of dogmatic beliefs that don’t hold water under scientific scrutiny.… Read more →

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