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Today PaperRESIDENTS came together on January 26, 2018 to celebrate Australia Day. A range of events were held across the city to mark the occasion, including a barbecue breakfast at Eglinton, a citizenship ceremony, an award ceremony and Australia Day by the Pool. The day promoted inclusiveness, celebrating what it means to be an Australian and a Bathurstian. Know that… Read more →

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Recent data from Hubble Deep Field photographs appear to support “bottom up” theories. The photos show young galaxies from up to 11 billion light years away. These young, small galaxies, from early in the universe’s history, support the theory that large structures formed out of smaller ones. Eye disease is on the rise especially for older Americans. Cataracts affect more… Read more →

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This representation enables one to clearly distinguish between the different types of periodic motions, forming back bone curves and subharmonic tongues. Then the damped dynamics of the system is computed; the rod and attachment responses are initially analyzed by the numerical Morlet wavelet transform (WT), and then by the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) or Hilbert Huang transform (HTT), whereby, the… Read more →

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Group 10 and Group 11 have never really been similar, and in 2018 the neighbouring Western Rams competitions couldn’t be any different. Both premierships head into their respective final rounds this weekend and, out west, the Group 11 top five is virtually set. Dubbo CYMS, Wellington, Parkes, Forbes, Macquarie, in that order, lock it in, please, Eddie. Given that Mayor… Read more →

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Cox proportional hazards regression was used to estimate hazard ratios. The predicted 10 year cumulative incidence of HCC for each aetiology of cirrhosis was estimated while accounting for competing risks of death from any cause and liver transplant.Results: Among 3107 people with cirrhosis the adjusted relative risk of HCC was increased 2 to 3 fold among people with viral and… Read more →

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