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In Iran, it must certainly be the fear that allowing the choice not to cover will corrupt religious practice and by extension, Iran’s theocracy will fall. The first fear is groundless. Look at Pakistan. Vomiting this poem about consumption that says: for beauty I would gladly give my life. Photographers are capturing that moment, consuming her, and then vomiting those… Read more →

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The big battle, bubbling below the surface: A struggle could erupt at any moment over the Supreme Court. Half its judges are older than 75. Their successors could settle some of the biggest issues in American democratic life, with liberals and conservatives eager to revisit lost fights over abortion, gun control, corporate political financing and voter ID laws. What began… Read more →

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But how often do these marriages made in heaven actually come to pass? Urban Meyer/Ohio State and Jim Harbaugh/Michigan were perfect storm homecomings. Mark Richt to Miami would not have happened in any other year. Meanwhile, many once assumed Les Miles would be coaching Michigan, Jon Gruden would take the Tennessee job (among many others), Chris Petersen would leave Boise… Read more →

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The expertsexplain thatethanolis a form of pure alcohol that makes up 12 to 14 percent of wine, while ethyl cellulose is asubstance made from wood pulp or cottonand is commonly used as a thickening agent inboth the food and pharmaceutical industries. The resulting mixture formsthe jelly like implant, which readily dissolves inside the body.The scientists then implanted the gel into… Read more →

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Keywords have been collected through canvassing experts TM opinion, literature review, controlled vocabulary and reviewing the results of a primary scoping review carried out to aid the development of the PICO, composed of Population/Participants, Intervention/Indicator, Comparator/Control, and Outcomes. For the proposed review, the key elements of the PICO are the following: persons with mental health problems, symptoms or diagnoses who… Read more →

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