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Tailings and associated soils in the southern part of the main sett contain remarkably high concentrations of lead. The tailings material has been dispersed by erosion enhanced by motorbike scrambling and similar recreational activities. The site is a Country Park and a designated Area of Special Scientific Interst for its unusual mineralogical and botanical features, but without active management, continued… Read more →

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In order for us to be heard we have to act. I understand we are busy and government holds public hearings at times when the public can’t really attend. (That’s something that also needs to change) But instead of getting involved in the argument, find a program that assists the truly homeless and volunteer, give money, talk about the work… Read more →

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These findings were developed into a coding scheme that enabled substantial inter rater agreement (weighted Kappa = 0.78; 95% CI: 0.52 to 0.94) and was applied to all trial data. Results: Adjusting for a range of client variables, primary analysis of data from 147 clients found comprehensive expectation management was associated with clients remaining in therapy for 1.4 sessions longer… Read more →

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“Any incident of domestic violence is really one too many,” NFL VP of human resources Robert Gulliver told espnW recently. “Whenever these instances come up, I would say it’s tragic and there’s obviously a very swift move to address the issues with multiple parties being involved. We take these issues very seriously. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractParks where the botanical interest… Read more →

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More importantly, translocation of blood or meningitic isolates such as C. Sakazakii 709, C. However, translocation of E. While the learning gains are small, they are statistically significant. These findings provide empirical support for claims that attending to teachers TM mathematical knowledge can impact learners TM attainment. Suggestions are made regarding the form and substance of such professional development.. The… Read more →

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Employees and management teams of HIP collaborated with the Hambantota District Hospital who was very supportive of the programme, especially in identifying existing needs. In line with that, HIP was able to donate essential requirements, valued at more than Rs. 500,000/ to the pediatric ward of the hospital. Then there are the bigger questions around Amazon and if that seemingly… Read more →

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E., Joao Correia, Tee, L., Kuijpers, M. J. E., Paul Harrison, Heemskerk, J. Immediately after the earthquake, the USGS also deployed temporary seismometers around Ridgecrest to monitor aftershocks. Zhan says his fiber optic system will complement rather than duplicate that effort. The temporary seismometers are able to cover a wider area but produce sparser readings, he says. It doesn matter… Read more →