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In this paper, building upon information acquisition theory and using portfolio methods and system equations, we made an empirical investigation into how online vendors and consumers are learning from each other, and how online reviews, prices, and sales interact among each other. First, this study shows that vendors acquire information from both private and public channels to learn the quality… Read more →

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Millisieverts describe a measured dose of received radiation. Exposure to millisieverts only makes sense in the context of this nuclear catastrophe when it is measured over time. In other words, it makes no sense to say “the air has 500 millisieverts of radiation.” That’s a complete nonsense sentence. “My horse Chaplin was great, it is an amazing stadium, and an… Read more →

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N., Crosland, S., Fairhurst, C. M., Hewitt, C. E., Li, J. If such a rule were to go unchallenged, the degree of profiteering by Big Pharma would be unprecedented. Free to charge monopoly prices thanks to the FDA enforced domestic drug racket that outlaws international competition, and unburdened by the financial risk of lawsuits from consumers harmed by their drugs,… Read more →

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I usually consider these sad stories as metaphors for the dangers of ignoring or resisting change. However, it’s not another stodgy small business that’s the latest to tell the tale it’s Barnes Noble, which had deployed its own version of the Wal Mart competitive strategy to dominate book retailing. Its ubiquitous huge stores and deep discounts were forces that many… Read more →