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BT: Yes, because I think autonomous is not any longer believed to be a market where the first [mover] wins. People understand that the cost of development is higher than anyone ever anticipated. Autonomous vehicles will be developed in different ways by different people and [these players] will all be adding partners and spreading risk and bringing in additional resources… Read more →

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Genitalia are an important area of study in entomology, because they are responsible for egg laying and may be involved in reproductive isolation. These structures exhibit sexual dimorphism as well as rapid evolution, and arise from multiple body segments. Despite their importance, there has been limited research into the genitalia of insects, specifically the gene interactions responsible for patterning their… Read more →

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The primary aim of the thesis was to image the liver with FDG PET/CT to determine if glucose utilisation rate (MRglu) is increased in steatosis. Texture analysis of FDG PET/CT was also explored as a means of detecting steatosis and SH. Previous PET studies of steatosis quantified hepatic FDG uptake as the standardised uptake value (SUV).Methods: All patients were referred… Read more →

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Portions of the original article that previously appeared hereThrough a series of advertisements placed on alternative news and survival websites, Water Liberty sells a wildly overpriced concoction of minerals and metals dissolved in sulfuric acid and then diluted. The second most prominent mineral in the formula Aluminum is intentionally not listed on the product label with its accurate concentration. Former… Read more →

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Several pedagogical features help students to engage with the material. ‘Key Term’ and ‘Key Concept’ boxes describe technical terms and concepts whilst ‘Question’ boxes relate the material to everyday questions about perception. Each chapter ends with suggestions for further reading, and the final chapter draws together the material from the previous chapters, summarizing the broad principles described, and outlining some… Read more →

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PESHAWAR, Jan 30 2017 (IPS) The Federally Administered Tribal Areas located on the Pakistan Afghanistan border remain one of the most perilous places in the world to be a reporter, with journalists walking a razor’s edge of violence and censorship. We are unsafe. There’s no protection at all.” Muhammad Ghaffar. Objectives: Mortality due to liver disease (of which cirrhosis is… Read more →

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