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J., 15 Apr 2019Article in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and EngineeringEnhanced Protein Extraction From Oilseed Cakes Using Glycerol Choline Chloride Deep Eutectic Solvents: A Biorefinery ApproachMatharu, A. S., Melo, E. M. Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are becoming ubiquitously available, being embedded both into everyday mobility via smartphones, and into the life of the home via assistant TM devices. Yet, exactly how… Read more →

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The Belgrade Lakes watershed in central Maine, comprised of seven interconnected lakes of differing trophic states, provides a unique ecosystem of study. We determined nutrient limitation in four streams using nutrient diffusing substrata (NDS) for stream biofilms and in five lakes using an analogous water column bioassay for lake phytoplankton. In both methods, we used a control and treated samples… Read more →

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Another clue to the Mars soil puzzle is the dryness of the soil. The lander’s thermal and conductivity probe has indicated the soil is extremely dry around the lander, even though just under the surface, ice is present. “The dryness of the soil is a mystery here,” said Phoenix principal investigator Peter Smith. “Multiple health departments are now linking street… Read more →

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The signature left in quasar spectra by neutral hydrogen in the Universe allows constraining the sum of the neutrino masses with a better sensitivity than laboratory experiments and may shed new light on the neutrino mass hierarchy and the absolute mass scale of neutrinos. Constraints on cosmological parameters and on the dark energy equation of state can also be derived… Read more →

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