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In its first phase, the ATA 32 will have more antennas than any of the world’s other centimeter wavelength radio telescopes. The individual antennas will be linked by fiber optics. The fiber, power, and air distribution systems will be installed in ten antenna ?nodes,? an efficient way to maintain the cool operating temperature required by the equipment.. Like many neighborhoods,… Read more →

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It was a fantastic experience. Test pilot fraternity is close. He said his team hosted the Boeing test pilots late Tuesday at theAirbus chalet.. Prevention: If women must travel to one of these areas, they should talk to their healthcare provider first and strictly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites both day and night: use insect repellent, wear long sleeves… Read more →

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We try to provide that safe space where youth feel safe so they can learn, process their feelings and relax with their friends. Addition to Salesian centers within Syria, Salesian missionaries have been helping Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt since early 2012 assisting between 400 and 800 refugees each day, many of whom are women and children. At… Read more →

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Mars, as it appears today, with a very thin and tenuous atmosphere. Credit: NASATrace amounts of methane have also been detected in the Martian atmosphere, with an estimated concentration of about 30 parts per billion (ppb). It occurs in extended plumes, and the profiles imply that the methane was released from specific regions the first of which is located between… Read more →

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Yet, if there is one sector of society that should be cultivating deep thought in themselves and others it is academic teachers. The consumerism that has taken hold in higher education propels the belief that time is money, resulting in superficial learning (Cote Allahar, 2011b; Readings, 1996). Perhaps the most damaging effect of corporatisation in the universities is that individual… Read more →

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If you prefer to opt for clean beauty products, you can go with a commercially available mineral (AKA physical) sunscreen. Their ingredients do go through a chemical processing during formulation, but they are overall more natural than chemical sunscreens. As for Pinterest DIYs, it probably best to stick with hair masks and chunky blankets.. With good old compost I can… Read more →

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