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The use of compacted zeolite pellets results in pelletized ZTCs that simultaneously exhibit higher porosity and higher packing density, which translates to highly enhanced volumetric gas (CO2 and hydrogen) uptake. For CVD derived samples, the pelletized ZTCs achieve 10% higher surface area than powdered samples (and reach > 2000 m2 g 1) despite their packing density increasing from ca. 0.55… Read more →

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Both species were rated on a common set of 26 antonym pairs. The brown capuchin monkeys were also rated on the 54 item Hominoid Personality Questionnaire. Our cross species comparisons revealed three personality dimensions Assertiveness, Openness, and Neuroticism shared by brown and white faced capuchins, suggesting that these dimensions were present in the common ancestor of these species. First off,… Read more →

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Republicans have criticized the impeachment proceedings thus far as overly reliant on secrecy. The resolution published today by the House Rules Committee, which customarily gives legislation the final imprimatur before it heads to a floor vote, is intended to address those charges. An apparenthumpback whale washed ashore on the southern end of Island Beach State Park in New Jersey on… Read more →

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