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To explore synergistic mechanisms, we demonstrate both rate of AuNP uptake and total amount accumulated in U373MG Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) cells are significantly increased when exposed to 75 kV CAP generated by dielectric barrier discharge. No significant changes in the physical parameters of AuNP were caused by CAP but active transport mechanisms were stimulated in cells. Unlike many other biological… Read more →

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I remember having a MRI and a bunch of nurses and doctors flooding my room soon after. A surgeon told me I was bleeding internally and they had to remove my spleen immediately . My parents were informed later that there were 4Lts. The meeting also reviewed security arrangements taken in different districts. The chief minister directed the police and… Read more →

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Hist.: EB (1972), XIII, 661Boston Strangler(Albert De Salvo, 1932 strangled thirteen women between 1962 and 1964. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]. The Global Atmosphere Watch reactive gases measurement networkAkimoto, H., Bottenheim, J., Buchmann, B., Galbally, I. E., Gilge, S., Helmig, D., Koide, H., Reactive Gases WMO Expert Group, Novelli, P. C., Plass Dlmer, C., Ryerson, T. Even the Iranian leaders have admitted… Read more →

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It’s just easier to believe that someone who has been able to achieve a high state of health didn’t have to work for it. That’s an easy, convenient belief. And why? Because it takes away the self responsibility. The Nazis were known to have made special paraffin from Deuterium (heavy Hydrogen) because of it catalytic qualities in radioactive exchanges. Mercury… Read more →

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Falcon 9 first stage approaches Just Read the Instructions. Image of SpaceX Falcon 9 first start booster in final moments of hard landing on ocean going barge after CRS 6 launch. Credit: SpaceXThe Falcon 9 first stage was outfitted with four landing legs and grid fins to enable the landing attempt, which is a secondary objective of SpaceX.. Using a… Read more →