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However, the real breakthrough in studying this disorder took place when Robert James Graves, an Irish physician, discovered in the 1830s that several of his patients not only displayed an enlarged thyroid gland with a rapid or irregular heartbeat, but also enlarged and protruding eyes. Graves later went on to theorise that a disturbance of the thyroid gland could be… Read more →

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Despite all these successes, Huntington’s biggest capital project still lay ahead. His streetcars required a resource that remained scarce at the turn of the 20th century electricity. In 1902, Huntington banded with a few associates to form the Pacific Light and Power Company, which quickly gobbled up a number of small local hydroelectric and steam plant facilities.. Carroll resigned March… Read more →

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Additional Information:This paper considers the repeated blurring of the distinction between artwork and display setting, between the ‘pictured space’ and that of the spectator in my practice as an artist. Examples of ‘visual disturbances’ of existing conventions of art production, reception and consumption, through processes of repeated deferral and fracture are discussed. The paper also explores problem finding and delayed… Read more →

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Palladium rings last long and are very durable. They are tarnish and spot proof and they have a long lasting luster and shine to them. In fact titanium is stronger than steel but significantly lighter. So, what he did was go to Stanford grads, people who would actually know the trajectory of Stanford students, and ask them to underwrite loans… Read more →

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TEDMED is described as the health and medicine version of the widely recognized TED conference, known for its slogan ideas worth spreading. TEDMED invites around thirty speakers to be a part of the 3 day programming line up of its annual conference. Talks at the 2014 conference addressed health and medicine from a broad range of perspectives and disciplines. Massachusetts… Read more →