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Notes “the debate revolved around the sanctity of the past, with no recognition of present tense cultural challenges.” Observes news media focused on the significance of Woodstock ’94 to aging baby boomers instead of on members of the youth market for which the event was organized. States there was no exploration of the meaning commodification created for today’s youth. Offers… Read more →

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Results indicate that, although both cohorts exhibited similar performance using the original metrics, and would thus support the same conclusions, the manner in which this performance was effected is fundamentally different between groups. Trained novice drivers (mainly comprising students and staff at the University of Nottingham) adopted far more erratic speed control profiles, characterised by longer control actions and frequent… Read more →

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The doses needed to treat pain are often lower than those needed to treat depression.In general, antidepressants have fewer long term side effects than frequent, ongoing use of other pain medicines. Generally, SSRIs and SNRIs have fewer side effects than tricyclic antidepressants. The most common side effects with antidepressants include:Other Pain TreatmentsAnother means of topical pain relief comes in the… Read more →

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Secondly, the archaea have long been understood to be a lineage distinct from the bacteria, and to share a close relationship with the eukarya, particularly in their information processing systems. Recent discoveries suggest the eukarya arose from within the archaeal domain, and in particular from lineages related to the TACK superphylum and Lokiarchaea. Thus, archaeal DNA repair proteins and pathways… Read more →