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When our high school counselors told us to take every AP we could (because it would help us in college), they might have left out a few details. Depending on what college and major you’re in, AP tests can be fruitful or pointless. There’s just so much bureaucracy over APCongratulations to all you newly admitted UC Berkeley students! You just… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe purpose of this study was to determine whether or not starting block height has an effect on the head depth and head speed of competitive racing starts. Eleven experienced, collegiate swimmers executed competitive racing starts from three different starting heights: 0.21 m (pool deck), 0.46 m (intermediate block), and 0.76 m (standard block). One way repeated… Read more →

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Skin infection studies are often limited by financial and ethical constraints, and alternatives, such as monolayer cell culture, do not reflect many cellular processes limiting their application. For a more functional replacement, 3D skin culture models offer many advantages such as the maintenance of the tissue structure and the cell types present in the host environment. A 3D skin culture… Read more →

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The current study investigated the relationships among visuospatial skills, visuomotor integration, number line estimation, and mathematical achievement. In total, 77 children were assessed using a number line estimation task, a standardized measure of mathematical achievement, and tests of visuospatial skills and visuomotor integration. The majority of measures were significantly correlated. Sunday the twenty fifth the club had a visit from… Read more →

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Philip sustained gunshot wounds to his right arm, right armpit and right hand. Suffolk County Police Officer was slightly injured responding to the shooting when his patrol car was in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of First Avenue and Pulaski Road. The investigation continues and police suspect this is related to gang activity.. Many aspects are left out… Read more →

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Today, with both firmly situated in independent adulthood, there not a lot of obvious difference between the brothers. They both tall, lean, dark haired and handsome. Both favor black clothes and boots; they look like graduate students. And Conselice, Christopher J. And Eales, S. And Farrah, D. Invariably, TV crews and press reporters come around to question the perpetrators families… Read more →