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Almost all of MESA’s students live in Bushwick, where housing costs are up, but the public high school graduation rate isn’t. That rate languishes at 60%, under the statewide rate of 80% and far below MESA’s 95%. For students with disabilities, MESA’s graduation rate is 85%, compared to 47% for the local district and 29% for the state.. Then there… Read more →

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If a periphery country decides to leave the Euro the costs will certainly be high. Banks will enter bankruptcy although their foreign debts will stay denominated in Euros whereas their domestic assets would be redenominated in a new currency of lesser value (this would certainly negatively impact credit availability to citizens and businesses alike). There would be a massive bank… Read more →

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An introduction to the design of the motor is first given, after which an introduction to the technique is presented. A study of how the implementation of the technique affects motor performance is then presented. A detailed overview of the construction aspects is highlighted and finally, experimental validation is used to illustrate the comparison between the predicted results and the… Read more →

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Large artefacts compromise EEG data quality during simultaneous fMRI. These artefact voltages pose heavy demands on the bandwidth and dynamic range of EEG amplifiers and mean that even small fractional variations in the artefact voltages give rise to significant residual artefacts after average artefact subtraction. Any intrinsic reduction in the magnitude of the artefacts would be highly advantageous, allowing data… Read more →

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The anterior cingulate cortex (AC) component of the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) has been implicated in attention and working memory as measured by trace conditioning. Since dopamine (DA) is a key modulator of mPFC function, the present study evaluated the role of DA receptor agents in rat AC, using trace fear conditioning. A conditioned stimulus (CS, noise) was followed by… Read more →

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