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Probably half of America’s high school graduates can’t do basic math. So the concept of compounded interest on the national debt is simply beyond their understanding and doesn’t seem real to them. They are short term consumers because that’s the way they’ve been trained. The paper proposes a novel type of stiffener designed to bear bending loads by exploiting internal… Read more →

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In this article we argue that in South Africa the current format of legitimised participation and practice in the examination papers for Mathematical Literacy restricts successful apprenticeship in the discipline of scientific mathematics and limits empowered preparation for real world functioning. The currency of the subject, then, is brought into question. We further argue that the positioning of the subject… Read more →

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Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, through its outside counsel law firm, Leader Berkon LLP, deposed a non party witness, John Zaher of The Public Relations and Marketing Group, LLC. The deposition, which was sought under the guise of determining if a confidentiality agreement was violated, had no legal basis related to Dr. Berton Forman’s $12 million lawsuit against Guardian,… Read more →

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After an extensive search on academic databases and following an exclusion process, 44 studies were identified. The findings showed that 0.2 12.3% of youth meet criteria for problem gambling, notwithstanding differences among assessment instruments, cut offs, and timeframes. However, despite this variability, several demographic characteristics were associated with adolescent gambling involvement and problem gambling. Williams final season as a Denver… Read more →

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Through these programs, prisoners are able to access support from fellow prisoners for issues ranging from emotional distress and addiction problems to practical and educational needs. Peer support, as a general ‘help resource’, is underscored by the principles of mutual reciprocity, empathy, and shared problem solving. Although this resource has existed in prisons for decades, research focussing explicitly on those… Read more →

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Before he became NFL commissioner, Goodell was Tagliabue right hand man. That didn stop Tagliabue from determining that Goodell was wrong to suspend several players for Bountygate. What if an arbitrator whether truly independent or not doesn take Goodell personal agenda into account? That undoubtedly what Brady and the Patriots will be hoping for.. Click the link for more information.… Read more →

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We are reaching out to government, institutions and others as we develop a response and guidance for our campus community. We are grateful for the efforts of federal officials and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for speaking to and clarifying some of these matters. We are also supporting efforts of Universities Canada and tech sector leaders who are highlighting Canada’s strength… Read more →

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