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Additional Information:The primary objective of this paper is to introduce Fuzzy Rule Based Systems (FRBSs) as a relatively new technology into airport transportation research, with a special emphasis on ground movement operations. Hence, a Mamdani FRBS with the capability to learn from data has been adopted for taxi time estimations at Zurich Airport (ZRH). Linear regression is currently the dominating… Read more →

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Croix should sound familiar.First, says Quarantelli, “it’s a tourist area, and one thing that stood out is that the tourists that come there are very wealthy, while the native population is very, very poor.” Second, “there’s an underclass that engages in a lot of petty crime,” and it includes juvenile gangs who launched the looting and “in a sense were… Read more →

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When officers arrived, they found Bledsoe suffering from gunshot wounds, according to officials. She was pronounced dead at the scene.The prosecutor says that Ray and Bledsoe had a young child together. That child is now in the care of relatives.Neighbors say that the couple was extremely private and that they only saw them in passing.hear about these things happening across… Read more →

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While trial testimony and evidence often included Routh making odd statements and referring to insanity, he also confessed several times, apologized for the crimes and tried to evade police after the crime.”You took the lives of two heroes, men who tried to be a friend to you,” Chad Littlefield’s half brother Jerry Richardson told Routh after the verdict. “And you… Read more →

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The present paper reports results of pool boiling experiments on surfaces with different wettabilities. The main aim is to identify and quantify the difference in pool boiling characteristics (Onset of Nucleate Boiling ONB, bubble detachment diameter and time) between Hydrophilic Surfaces (HPS) and Super Hydrophobic Surfaces (SHS). A combined sample (SHS_D) with an inner SHS part and an outer HPS… Read more →

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