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His latest research involves creating a tiltable LMT previously thought to be almost impossible by using a thin, reflective layer of self assembling metallic nanoparticles.LMTs are made by spinning a reflective liquid, usually mercury, on a bowl shaped platform to form a parabolic surface, perfect for astronomical optics. A handful of LMTs are being used today, including a 6 meter… Read more →

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Kimmel: The mindfulness meditation is in many if not all traditions. Even secular traditions, Native American traditions. So culturally speaking, mindfulness, or being awake to life, is not strictly Buddhist. FILE This undated booking photo provided by the Maricopa County Sheriff Office shows County Assessor Paul Petersen, who has been indicted in an adoption fraud case. To give their children… Read more →

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N myristoyltransferase: a prospective drug target for protozoan parasitesBowyer, P. W., Tate, E. W., Leatherbarrow, R. Clark, J. H., 20 Dec 2016Article in CHEMSUSCHEMHarnessing asymmetric N heterocyclic carbene ligands to optimise SABRE hyperpolarisationDuckett, S., Fekete, M., Nelson Forde, R., Rayner, P. J., Whitwood, A. Enhancement of the spin polarization of an Fe3O4(100) surface by nitric oxide adsorptionLi, Z. Y., Jibran,… Read more →

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It becomes evident from the outset that Journey to the Rivers is fuelled by a blinkered view of Serbia’s involvement in the conflict. If history textbooks are to be believed, Milosevic harboured an ambition to create ‘Greater Serbia’ and viewed the dismantling of Yugoslavia as a threat to this aspiration. As a result, he sanctioned a series of genocidal operations… Read more →

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A thriving community, with many successful artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and business owners, Ramadier said. Are pleased to offer these customers a new center one place they can go for a full suite of wealth management services and products. Of the West is committed to providing resources to help high net worth individuals and small business owners succeed by spotlighting industry… Read more →

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