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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractPublished in American Nineteenth Century History, this article is a reconsideration of Washington Irving’s early career between the productions of his first two major works: A History of New York (1809) and The Sketch Book (1819 20). Specifically it places those writings in dialogue with the dominant Jeffersonian narrative of a glorious national future. It thus rediscovers… Read more →

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W., Attuyer, K., Gilroy, R., Mathews, B., McInnes, L., Andrews, E. Tunstall, R. K., 22 Sep 2017Research output: Other contribution. He then walked fifteen meters, pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the head, once again surviving the shot. After reloading the shotgun, he leaned the shotgun against his throat, and shot his throat and part of his jaw.… Read more →

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Critical thinking is an important focus in higher education and is essential for good academic achievement. We report the development of a tool to measure critical thinking for three purposes: (i) to evaluate student perceptions and attitudes about critical thinking, (ii) to identify students in need of support to develop their critical thinking, and (iii) to predict academic performance. Seventy… Read more →

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The Sagnac effect enables interferometric measurements of rotation with high precision. Using matter waves instead of light promises resolution enhancement by orders of magnitude that scales with particle mass. So far, the paradigm for matter wave Sagnac interferometry relies on DeBroglie waves and thus on free propagation of atoms either in free fall or within waveguides. He is a student… Read more →

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