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In Rwanda, the government decided to implement a national RBF scheme, paying incentives for the delivery of quality maternal and child health services. The rigorous evaluation showed that the program improved both the coverage as well as the quality of health services. The results also showed that an equal amount of financial resources without the incentives didn’t achieve the same… Read more →

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I was surprised to learn that there were all different types of capitalist countries and different types of communist countries. I had heard “communist bloc” and “behind the iron curtain” so much in the media, that i had naturally formed the impression that these countries were all the same. Although they are all socialist, East Germany, Bulgaria, Cuba, and North… Read more →

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Animated video could provide a free, accessible method of preparing children for MRI scans.Materials and methods: We recruited 24 healthy children ages 5 “11 years. Participants underwent pre and post viewing questionnaires and structured interviews. We then compared median Likert scale score changes between pre and post animation questions and analyzed the interview framework. That being said I think their… Read more →

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LoginThis is necessary to sign in to the HubPages Service. Google RecaptchaThis is used to prevent bots and spam. (Privacy Policy)AkismetThis is used to detect comment spam. President Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee will, like his first, almost certainly be confirmed by Senate Republicans and, depending on how the confirmation hearings unfold, a few red state Democrats. The future… Read more →

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On 13 April, 1984 Rose hit his 4,000th hit. But the Expos benched him for a poor record in the middle of the season. On 16 August, 1984, Rose was traded back to the Cincinnati Reds and batted .365. Polypyrrole (PPY) functionalized 3 dimensional (3D) graphene foam (GF) with remarkable electrochemical performance has been synthesized in this work. The resulting… Read more →

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Location of Messier 3 in the Cane Venatici constellation. In binoculars of all sizes and even under urban lighting conditions, Messier 3 is very bright and will begin to show some signs of resolution with larger models, such as 10X50. Even small telescopes will see individual stars come to life and it will explode into a fine, pinpoint mass in… Read more →

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AMD’s problem area continues to be OEMs and the pre built PC market, which makes up a bulk of processor sales for Intel. Despite the upperhand with pricing, performance, and efficiency, the company isn’t able to match Intel in design wins. Intel is able to retain its stranglehold over the OEM space with volume pricing and prioritizing the OEM channel… Read more →

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