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Background: Academic literature and government initiatives have emphasised the importance of work as a means of improving health and reducing reoffending among offenders with mental disorders. Whilst a number of work skills programmes have shown promise for offenders more generally, evaluation of evidence for their effectiveness for those with a mental disorder is lacking, particularly in relation to improving employment… Read more →

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As much as we appreciate Bend’s existing culinary clusters (primarily downtown, The Lot, and Newport Avenue), we are thrilled to see high quality, local eateries spreading eastward. The most recent addition to the Maker’s District may be more focused on drinks than dining, but it still offers a refreshing change of pace for happy hour or light meal options. An… Read more →

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The iGPU’s L3 cache cushions transfers between the GTI and Subslices. These are the indivisible number crunching clusters of the GPU, much like streaming multiprocessors on an NVIDIA GPU this is where the shaders are located. In addition to the subslices we find separate geometry processing hardware, and front ends, including fixed function hardware to accelerate media, which all feed… Read more →

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Added Navy Secretary (and Harvard Law graduate) Ray Mabus: return to Harvard is good for the university, good for the military, and good for the country. The other services are discussing bringing their programs back to Harvard Cambridge, Mass., campus as well. In recent decades, Harvard students wanting to belong to ROTC have had to travel to the nearby Massachusetts… Read more →

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A 30 fold increase in path length was obtained with a minimum detectable change in the absorption coefficient, min(t), of 5.3 10 5 cm 1 Hz 1/2. This corresponded to a 39 fold increase in the sensitivity of measurement when directly compared to measurements in a conventional microplate reader. Separate measurements of a standard STREP HRP colorimetric reaction in microtiter… Read more →

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We performed Poisson regression to assess differences between time periods with adjustment for age and sex.Results: The incidence of major bleeding on aspirin plus clopidogrel and aspirin plus dipyridamole was highest in the first 30 days, 5.8 and 4.9 per 100 person years, respectively, and was significantly higher than at 31 to 90 days (rate ratio 1.98, 95% confidence interval… Read more →

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1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 storey SSI systems are subjected to three sets of synthetic spectrum compatible earthquakes corresponding to different soil classes, and the effects of soil stiffness, design lateral load pattern, fundamental period, number of storeys, structure slenderness ratio and site condition are investigated. The results indicate that, in general, SSI can reduce (up to 60%) the… Read more →

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This time note how hungry you were before eating, how satisfied you felt afterward, and what you were feeling at the time (stressed or joyful). After a couple entries you should be able to spot whether you eating too many of the wrong foods, not enough of the good foods, and when emotional factors are influencing your appetite. Bad idea,… Read more →

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