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Is the time it tends to come out, he said. Are mating and moving around more. State Health Department figures show the incidence of the feared disease in skunks in Colorado has been lighter. EardleyR. A. SmithS. For purposes of this policy, “intermittent” is defined as those contractor employees needing access to DOJ information systems and/or DOJ facilities or space… Read more →

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Although Rice was originally charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor offense, a grand jury indicted Rice for third degree aggravated assault, a felony. This meant that, if convicted, Rice would face up to five years in jail rather than a fine, the typical punishment for simple assault. Palmer charge, on the other hand, was dropped. The role of spinal adrenoceptors… Read more →

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The obvious risk to an inflatable space habitat is puncturing; not only from meteoroids, but from the growing population of space junk that inhabits Earth’s orbit. But BEAM is designed with this hazard in mind. It’s a thick walled design, made from multiple layers of fabric similar to Kevlar. And I recommended a pre emptive Exocet missile strike against his… Read more →

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