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Analysis will be presented that demonstrates how the political, social and economic circumstances present in each of the three countries have impacted upon the nature of their design. Furthermore, American and British design policy and practice will be frequently referenced since it has exerted an important influence on Korea, Japan and Russia. In addition, analysis will also be made of… Read more →

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Background: CDC25C, belonging to the Cdc25 phosphatase family, plays a major role in cell cycle control, impacting on DNA repair and apoptosis. It has been shown that poor prognosis/copy number high Luminal A breast cancers (BCs) are enriched for the Aurora kinase pathway including CDC25C leading to CDK1 activation (Ciriello et al, Breast Cancer Research Treatment, 2013:409). This study examined… Read more →

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There was also a significant, nonlinear effect of annual mean temperature at 13 year lag. The findings also revealed a negative association between AE incidence with temporal moving averages of bareland/artificial surface coverage and annual mean temperature calculated for the period 11 “15 years before diagnosis and winter mean temperature for the period 0 “4 years. The identification of areas… Read more →

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Acceptance increases with visibility, so the portrayal of people with Down’s in the media is highly influential. In an EastEnders plotline, baby Janet Mitchell is born with Down’s and her mother is shown struggling to come to terms with this fact. Mencap praised this storyline as an opportunity to improve awareness of the condition, although other organisations criticised some of… Read more →

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Are you usually labeled as a person who is just too discriminating in his tastes? Do you take hours to choose presents for your loved ones and yourself and even after choosing a gift, feel a tinge of dissatisfaction? Don t feel disheartened. Being individualistic in your sense of style is no crime, especially when sellers now acknowledge the need… Read more →