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We deconstruct the global lizard assemblage into functional groups and examine the congruence among richness patterns between them. We then examined spatial gradients in the richness of each strategy at the one degree grid cell, biomes and realm scales.Results: We found that lizards can best be characterized by seven ‘ecological strategies’: scansorial, terrestrial, nocturnal, herbivorous, fossorial, large and semiaquatic. There… Read more →

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“I didn want to look like I was sitting on it,” he said. Mr Steep was initially told at 1.20pm on Wednesday that two representatives from the utility provider would collect the cache of bills within about an hour. “I just cranky that I wasted a day on this,” Mr Steep said. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractWe have followed the reorientation… Read more →

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Immediately after, we see Becky Burnett (Amanda Seyfried) screaming into a phone. It appears something has happened with her abusive husband, Steven (Caleb Landry Jones) it sounds like he’s been cheating on her. Becky then calls her mother Shelly (Mdchen Amick) for help, and she quickly arrives at Becky and Steven’s trailer. K., London, S. J., Lotufo, P. A., Ma,… Read more →

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The Kalman gain is automatically adjusted according to the detected state. As a real world application, we demonstrate for the first time how the analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG) can be used to predict the voluntary body movement and inform the tracking Kalman algorithm about a possible state transition. Furthermore, we provide a rigorous analysis to establish a relationship between the… Read more →

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