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The chapter explores how Abigail negotiated her identity against such a backdrop and how she continued to live as what she called her ‘authentic self’. Her story shows an individualisation of faith, rooted in traditional Christian practices and traditions. Abigail received little support and faced discrimination and misunderstanding in relation to both her disability and sexuality.. Renovation will necessitate closing… Read more →

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The effects of muscular activity and segmental interactions cause the right elbow to flex then extend, whereas the left elbow demonstrates a more constant degree of extension throughout the hit. Both wrists display the same pattern of ‘cocking’ then ‘uncocking’. These combined patterns lead the left arm and stick system to function as a double pendulum whilst the right arm… Read more →

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As one of the most violent, ideological and intractable conflicts in modern history, sited in a very sensitive and strategic region, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has always been under the spotlight of media and politicians. The conflict is almost a constant item in the coverage of news outlets, especially since the outbreak of the spiraling violence that marked the end of… Read more →

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Many types of interactive applications, including video games, raise particular challenges when it comes to testing and debugging. Reasons include de facto lack of reproducibility and difficulties of automatically generating suitable test data. This paper demonstrates that certain variants of Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) implemented in pure functional languages can mitigate such difficulties by offering referential transparency at the level… Read more →

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Hunt, A. J. (eds.). Purpose 1: RECRUIT patients. Mammograms are a clever tool for recruiting patients into a highly profitable regimen of chemotherapy drugs, radiation and surgery that, nine times out of ten, isn’t even medically justified. How’s that? Because the detection technology behind mammograms is now so advanced it can detect tiny tumors present in virtually everyone, whether they’re… Read more →

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BACKGROUND: General surgical training curricula around the world set defined operative numbers to be achieved before completion of training. However, there are few studies reporting total operative experience in training. This systematic review aimed to quantify the published global operative experience at completion of training in general surgery.METHODS: Electronic databases were searched systematically for articles in any language relating to… Read more →

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The company behind REDS, CHTC, operates as a commercial vehicle manufacturer and owns subsidiaries in both China and Europe. The workshops that started in 2014 with Bangle and his team focused particularly on the real time construction of full scale models that explored the idea of space in an electric car. With this experience, in 2016, CHTC started developing REDS… Read more →

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