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( Health) People with psychiatric illnesses are more likely to have complications after hip replacement surgery, according to a recent analysis.Previous studies have linked depression and other mental illnesses to greater complications after surgery and worse outcomes for patients, the researchers note. Mitchell Klement told Health.”We wanted to see if the same effect was true in total hip replacements,” said… Read more →

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Tests were carried to construct the forming limit diagram at necking and fracture to cover the strain states from uniaxial tension to equi biaxial tension with different stress triaxialities from 0.33 for uniaxial tension to 0.67 for equi biaxial tension. Due to the fact that the Gurson “Tvergaard Needleman (GTN) model can be used to capture fracture occurrence at high… Read more →

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Muswell Hillbilly (live) 7. Brainwashed (live) 8. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (live) 9. I wouldn say the interview questions are categorically harder than the quiz questions, but then again they aren multiple choice. We use the quiz to predict your probability of getting offers at all. We use the interview data to predict your probability of getting offers from each… Read more →

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Moorgate Crash (1975)Unlike previous accidents, the cause of the Moorgate crash remains a mystery to this day. Around 8.40pm on 28 February, 1975, a Northern City Line train heading into Moorgate from Old Street failed to stop at the terminus, continuing on through the station and into the blind ended tunnel south of the platforms. After having ploughed through the… Read more →

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The paper investigates the process of European integration using law of one price (LOP) deviations for a large number of individual goods and services during the recent Crisis. We find that the degree of integration of Eurozone economies continued to increase during this period. Importantly, we trace the location of individual goods in the distribution of LOP deviations so as… Read more →

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The team describes two cases where uncritical application of the rate of decline criterion could lead to misleading threat assessments for tunas and billfishes. One is when a population maintains a low but steady level following an earlier precipitous drop due to overfishing. Uncritical application of the rate of decline criterion in this case would underestimate threat by placing the… Read more →

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Voted no because any increase in the debt ceiling should include provisions that reduce our deficits over time and gives us a path forward that brings down our nation debt, said Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican from Aurora, in a statement.Colorado three House Democrats, Reps. Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter and Jared Polis, all voted to support the debt ceiling increase,… Read more →

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