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Nienke Hofstra, Wout Dullaert, Sander De Leeuw and Eirini Spiliotopoulou 2018. Published by Emerald Publishing Limited. This article is published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) licence.. Jusqu’o ira la chute du march de Vancouver? Comme toujours en immobilier, les avis divergent. Certains conomistes s’attendent une baisse des prix de 25%; d’autres, comme David LePoidevin, estiment que le… Read more →

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The scope of subsidies was sharply limited. This change strengthened the stability of Union and local budgets and increased the responsibility and the incentives of Union republics and local soviets for procuring their own revenue sources. Subsidies from higher budgets are used only in instances when other, more efficient methods of balancing budgets are exhausted. Thyroid Disease a ‘Whole Body’… Read more →

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We address it. Obviously, that’s got to improve. You can’t win many games in this league turning the ball over three times. But on September 22 of 2010, the Italian Space Agency’s AGILE satellite observed a sudden brightening in the nebula in the gamma ray portion of the spectrum. The Large Area Telescope (LAT) on board the Fermi Gamma Ray… Read more →

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A system of medicine enforced at gunpoint is no system of medicine at allWhat all this announces to the world is that the very system of modern medicine dominating western culture today is a morally bankrupt, scientifically inept institution of coercion by force. Any system of medicine that must resort to coercion and forced treatments which violate parental rights is… Read more →

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Bethge had no knowledge of Chinese, so at best he was working from secondary sources, not the originals. His principal source seems to have been Heilmann, who in turn, as we have seen, derives in part from Gautier and in part from Hervey Saint Denys. In fairness to Bethge though, he describes the poems in his volume as Nachdichtungen [Paraphrases].… Read more →

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Neuroticism was self rated on 13 questions from the Eysenck Personality Inventory. Associations between neuroticism and tinnitus were tested with logistic regression analyses.Results:Prevalence of tinnitus was significantly higher for males, and increased with age, doubling between the youngest and oldest age groups (males 13% and 26%; females 9% and 19% respectively). Of those with tinnitus, females were more likely to… Read more →

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