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This research investigates how corporate governance and risk management in financial industry affects the performance of companies. This study distinguishes between the pre crisis and post crisis periods to determine whether the global financial crisis of 2008 significantly affects corporate governance and risk management of financial industry. In addition, this research also tests how the effects of corporate governance and… Read more →

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Mapping structural connectivity in healthy adults for the Human Connectome Project (HCP) benefits from high quality, high resolution, multiband (MB) accelerated whole brain diffusion MRI (dMRI). Specific absorption rate (SAR)), thereby limiting our ability to reduce the repetition time (TR). Here, we present recent developments and optimizations in 7 T image acquisitions for the HCP that allow us to efficiently… Read more →

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Climate change is predicted to alter wet grassland hydrology, especially through warming, seasonal precipitation variability, and the severity of extreme events such as droughts and floods. Changes in the diversity, composition, and productivity of vegetation will affect functional and competitive relations between species. Extreme storm or flood events will favor ruderal plant species able to respond rapidly to environmental change.… Read more →

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With that said, while certain Samsung SSDs may eventually hit a sequential transfer performance barrier in the form of PCIe 3.0 x4 bus, the bandwidth provided by this interface will still be enough for the vast majority of SSDs from different manufacturers going forward. And as the testing here at AT established, the larger SSD actually experienced performance degradation from… Read more →

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Rockville, MD (03/19/2019 As countries make headway in lowering vehicle theft, National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) states quoting state and local crime fighters that drug problem is one of the driving forces behind the high vehicle theft rate as drug users steal cars to perpetrate other crimes. The NICB deduced that 147,434 vehicles were reported stolen with keys left in… Read more →