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Similarly, public security agencies cannot conduct investigations on private matters such as infidelity. The fourth force is the bargaining power of suppliers. The private security industry comprises of numerous suppliers including weapon manufacturers and vendors, IT solutions vendors, motor vehicle manufacturers and dealers (Dempsey, 2010). Another hit but peculiar jodi came from an out and out comedy. David Dhawan should… Read more →

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Virtual citizen science platforms allow non scientists to take part in scientific research across a range of disciplines. What they ask of volunteers varies considerably in terms of task type, variety, user judgement required and user freedom, which has received little direct investigation. A study was performed with the Planet Four: Craters project to investigate the effect of task workflow… Read more →

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Robot TakeoverThis is extinction with a twist. In this scenario, we humans create our technological replacements, only to be rewarded by rapid extinction when our creations turn on us. Another nightmare possibility is that envisioned by nanotechnology, where tiny robots, no more than a few atoms in size, replicate themselves with incredible speed, turning the world and everything on it… Read more →

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At the college level, the NCAA is a $10.5 billion enterprise that pays the people in charge extremely well, while allowing no protection for injured athletes. Mass entertainment makes and attracts serious money, in itself not a bad thing. The fact that we are taking our children and other vulnerable individuals in society and making them transient entertainers for us,… Read more →

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