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China’s leaders have been reluctant to make the kind of policy reforms that would satisfy Washington, worrying such concessions would mean scaling back their aspirations to become a world leader in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and driverless cars. Diplomat and trade official specializing in China who is now president of the China Moon Strategies consultancy. Agenda of concerns.”.… Read more →

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The urinary tract is normally sterile, but sometimes bacteria can sneak in through the urethra, which connects the bladder with the outside of the body. A urinary tract infection can affect any part of the urinary system, including the bladder, ureters, urethra, and kidneys. However, it is most common in the bladder (cystitis). In Austin, that age old bit of… Read more →

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For one thing, do you know where fluoride comes from? It turns out that so called “fluoride” is really fluorosilicic acid, a toxic waste byproduct of the phosphate mining industry. In order to protect local livestock from fluoride poisoning, wet scrubbers were installed at the phosphate mining processing sites in order to collect the toxic fluoride and prevent it from… Read more →

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However, cobalamin status has never been investigated in morbid obesity in relation with the reduced semen quality. We analysed the cross sectional data of 47 morbidly obese and 21 lean men at Careggi University Hospital and evaluated total cobalamin (CBL) and holotranscobalamin (the active form of B12; holoTC) levels in serum and semen. Both seminal and serum concentrations of holoTC… Read more →

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Teachers at a Campbell County elementary school held a rally before school this morning to protest state budget cuts to education. Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s two year spending plan would slice $138 million in state funds from public schools’ transportation funding, money that schools would have to make up from other parts of their budgets. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractA method… Read more →

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