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Yorkshire’s Championship challenge had stuttered all season but somehow they hung in there and thanks to the greatest knock of Tim Bresnan’s career an unbeaten 142 they kept their ambitions alive against until the final moments of the season. The tension was unbearable as Bresnan and last man Ryan Sidebottom edged towards the 350 Yorkshire needed to stay in the… Read more →

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We derived utilisation and cost data with parameter distributions stratified by demographics and time. Women, older patients, smokers and patients with greater comorbidity utilised more healthcare resources, which generated higher costs.CONCLUSIONS: These linked datasets provide comprehensive primary and secondary care data for large numbers of patients, which allows stratification of outcomes. It is possible to derive input parameters appropriate for… Read more →

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From Wikibooks, open books for an open worldThese are additional amendments to the Constitution added after the first ten amendments on the Bill of Rights have been ratified. There are 17 additional amendments to date, ratified from 1795 to 1992. The information on this page comes from Wikipedia’s respective pages. Under the combined view of Chandra and XMM Newton, you… Read more →

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As the government’s bargaining power increases, the level of patience required to sustain unilateral trade liberalisation also increases, and when the bargaining power exceeds a critical threshold, the government is able to extract so much rent that it is better off continuing its implicit contract with the lobby. Bilateral trade liberalisation imposes further sanctions on the part of a deviating… Read more →

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Official state licensing and regulation will begin January 1, 2018. According to the City’s staff report, the ban on personal outdoor cultivation is intended to be a permanent ban, but the ban on commercial marijuana activities may be revisited in the future. Smoking marijuana in public would also be regulated like tobacco, according to the new regulations.. Listservs are controlled… Read more →