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Geller, the spokeswoman for Racine, declined to discuss the scope of the district inquiry. However, a senior official in Racine office wrote to a Juul representative in early February and asked for a trove of information about how district residents purchase the company products. Wiseman also asked that the company in detail the nature of the retailer failure to comply… Read more →

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39/48 (81%) practices had an ECG machine and diagnosed AF in house. Non GP HCPs reported having less knowledge about ECG interpretation, diagnosing and treating AF than GPs. A greater proportion of non GP HCPs reported they would benefit from ECG training specifically for AF diagnosis than GPs [proportion (95% CI) GPs: 11.9% (6.8 “20.0); HCAs: 37.0% (21.7 “55.5); nurses:… Read more →

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The littoral zones of the sinkhole lakes contain the largest known populations of the Smooth bark St. John’s wort, an endangered plant endemic to Bay and Washington Counties, interspersed with two carnivorous plants, the thread leaved sundew and the Florida yellow bladderwort. In the rare sphagnum bogs, Dr. One of the most popular explanations offered for the Viking phenomenon is… Read more →

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During World War II, his pin up art for Esquire Magazine, known as “Varga Girls” became popular with the troops overseas. Their iconic images of American beauty became an important morale booster for the weary troops. Adaptations of the “Varga Girls” were used to paint the nose art of United States planes during WWII. The experimental results of this study… Read more →

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