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In addition, 75 professional male soccer players completed a 49 item measure about their experiences of PM. Interviews and focus groups were manually analysed using a combination of inductive and deductive approaches with Chi square tests used to assess differences between responses to the PM measure. The majority of questionnaire responses were supported by themes highlighted by players interviewed. See.… Read more →

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The expression of NQO1 was validated by immuno histochemistry in EC samples from a separate cohort (n=91) comprised of consecutive patients who underwent hysterectomy at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester between 2011 and 2013. A further 6 postmenopausal women with histologically normal endometrium who underwent hysterectomy for genital prolapse were also included. Informed consent and local ethics approval was obtained for… Read more →

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Long term predictions Over the next decade, I predict a disappearing “health middle class” and a great divide between the healthy and the sick. The healthy, you see, are consuming superfoods, getting sunshine on their skin and taking nutritional supplements on a daily basis. The unhealthy are eating processed foods, taking prescription medications and following the advice of their ignorant… Read more →

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The compounds displayed selectivity for the parasitic protozoon Leishmania mexicana cathepsin L like cysteine protease LmCPB2.8. The computational methods of homology modelling and molecular docking predicted some significant differences in the S2 pocket of LmCPB2.8 and cruzain, a related enzyme from Trypanosoma cruzi. Due to the presence of Tyr209 in LmCPB2.8 rather than Glu208 in cruzain sterically demanding, lipophilic ester… Read more →

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The TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) program is exclusively for transfer students. Traditional freshmen entrants cannot TAG, but if they choose to attend a California community college, they can TAG to most of the UC’s as long as they meet certain requirements (units, GPA, prep courses, etc.). All the UC schools except UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD participate in TAG, so… Read more →

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$15 $18. 708 N. First St., Minneapolis; 612 338 6393. Aspects of major a minor lunar standstill years. Note: node crossing refers to the date that the ascending/descending node of the Moon equals an ecliptic value of zero, while the actual dates refer to the times of greatest declination. Image credit: Dave DickinsonSuch is the wacky orbit of the Moon.… Read more →

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