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The Endangered Species Act has been crucial in saving imperiled wildlife. In fact, more than 99% of species covered under the ESA have been saved from extinction. They have pitted northern spotted owls, snail darters and other creatures and their protectors against industries, local opponents and others in court and political fights. There are hundreds of different kinds of bentonite… Read more →

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The algorithm is guaranteed to converge in probability to the best hypothesis from an a priori specified hypothesis space. In our empirical evaluations, the approach achieves a large structural variety of designed molecular structures for which the docking score is better than the desired threshold. Some novel molecules, suggested to be active by the surrogate model, provoke a significant interest… Read more →

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As part of a randomized controlled trial of self hypnosis for intra partum pain relief (the SHIP Trial) we conducted qualitative interviews with women randomized to the intervention arm to explore their views and experiences of using self hypnosis during labour and birth.Methods: Participants were randomly selected from the intervention arm of the study, which consisted of two antenatal self… Read more →