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J. Fisher, S. E., 7 Jan 2019Article in Current Biology. An original modified single carrier five level modulation (MSCFM) algorithm is developed in this work and overcomes the complexity of standard space vector modulations, easy for real implementation purposes in digital processors. Proposed six phase multilevel inverter configuration generates multilevel outputs with benefit in comprises with standard multilevel inverter topologies.… Read more →

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Race 6: Mitavite Impacta CL2 Hcp (1208 metres) A spirited betting duel resulted in the consistent Kris Lees gelding, Mr Tindall, being heavily labelled as favourite despite the confidence surrounding the Zizou filly, Tootz. Robert Agnew allowed Outsmartem to stride to the front from Smiling All with Chad Lever positioning Tootz perfectly just off the speed and Shoreditch not far… Read more →

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Zizzo pushed a through ball into perfect position for Nagbe who finessed it around New York keeper Bill Gaudette. It was a dream start for a Portland side desperate for any success. Like any hapless club though, it was all downhill starting in the 43rd minute of the match.. Here’s how it happens. While a star is burning hydrogen in… Read more →

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“That is the key to success,” he said. He has been with Gannett 20 years and a journalist for 34. He also is a former fitness coach specializing in sports specific training and methods to fight diabetes and heal from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, two illnesses Makin has been able to control through exercise and nutrition. (Other sources say that Miller… Read more →

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GREENSBORO A federal judge in Greensboro heard arguments Friday surrounding a lawsuit challenging a state abortion law. It challenges a 2011 law that requires doctors to perform an ultrasound, while showing and describing it to women before the doctor performs an abortion. It could be several weeks before the judge makes a decision on its constitutionality.. One is too many… Read more →

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Launched Sept. 21, 2014, to the International Space Station, NASA’s newest Earth observing mission, the International Space Station RapidScat scatterometer to measure global ocean near surface wind speeds and directions, has returned its first preliminary images. Credit: NASA JPL/CaltechThe $26 million remote sensing instrument uses radar pulses to observe the speed and direction of winds over the ocean for the… Read more →

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It’s time to banish the lying mainstream media from the White House press corps. Why give these hateful, anti American propaganda rags direct access to you, your travel plans and your administration? They aren’t going to play nice, you know. They’re only going to use their access to you to continue fabricating false, defamatory stories about you and your administration… Read more →

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The discovery of dark energy first made news in 1998, when two groups of scientists who study exploding stars announced that their measurements indicated the existence of a mysterious force that works against gravity and seems to be accelerating the expansion of the universe. Scientists have identified understanding the properties of dark energy as a science priority. A better understanding… Read more →