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When President Trump announced plans to drastically reduce the size of two iconic national monuments during a visit to the Utah State Capitol, he laid down a marker in a philosophical battle that stretches back more than a century. Since the Antiquities Act was signed in 1906, under President Theodore Roosevelt, monuments have occupied a unique realm in American lands.… Read more →

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Proposals shall include technical qualifications and pricing per Instructions to Offerors. Note: Offerors are required to provide a price for all CLINS (0001 0005). CLIN 0001, Armed Guard Service, Base year (12/1/11 11/30/12) in accordance with SOW, $___________, per month; $___________, per year; CLIN 0002, Armed Guard Service, Optional year one (1) (12/1/12 11/30/13) in accordance with SOW, $___________, per… Read more →

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The terrifying situation was made known to the Jordanian parliament, which led parliament member Salim Al Bataynah to call on the Jordanian government to resign. Bataynah said, “In countries which show respect to their nations, and following such scandals, governments usually resign. The parliament should show responsibility and be on the level of the case.”(1). In Arizona, Republican state Sen.… Read more →

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In addition, a small group of corporations and their wealthy patrons fund the majority of the activities undertaken by these groups. Finally, the major independent organizations concentrate most of their money in only a few key Senate and House races, so that the vast majority of candidates see very little attention and support by outside groups. And the attention that… Read more →

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Upon returning after her leave, Bardhi said she was and her role was and materially reduced, while male employees, who were being paid more than her, were elevated and replaced her. Bardhi alleges that after disclosing her second pregnancy, Neumann, Berrent and other leadership looked for her permanent replacement. When she returned the second time, she learned she was no… Read more →

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