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D., Lee, S H., Shin, J. Y., Bustamante, C., Liphardt, J., Friedrich, T., Mullineaux, C. W. The ELF technology can generate Shielding Mantles which are made by layers of high dielectric strength semiconductor sandwiched by two metallic foils and insulation layers. The Gravitational Shielding Mantle can be made so that it is only 1 millimeter in thickness. Of particular influence… Read more →

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Just sort of happened, he said. Was just something I did, and it just became this. Began as a hobby has turned into thousands of photographs, numerous exhibits, teaching photography classes across the Prairies and, most recently, a book called Forgotten Saskatchewan, which spans more than a decade of images of abandoned buildings.. We have a spending problem, your worship:… Read more →

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This framework consists of four norms: certainty, performance interest, efficiency, and relational theory of contract. However, it proves difficult to determine which remedy could most effectively address and satisfy the particular needs of a commercial buyer. Damages are likely to provide very similar practical solutions to price reduction once a sales contract is breached, and this may constitute the reason… Read more →