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They were attributed to dayside photoionisation transported by the high latitude convection pattern across the polar cap and into the nighttime European sector. The patches on the nightside were separated by some 5 latitude during substorm expansion, but this was reduced to some 2 when the activity had subsided. The different patch separations resulted from the expansion and contraction of… Read more →

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The bitterness of Jenin’s grim history rebounded on Younis’ bridge building effort. Fatah commander Zubeidi told TIME that the focus of the hostility against Younis was the short presentation on the Holocaust that she delivered to her musicians during the bus ride to Tel Aviv. “She should have been telling them about the current holocaust that the Israelis have been… Read more →

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Using NMR spectroscopy, circular dichroism and small angle neutron scattering, we studied KorB selectively within its binary complexes with KorA and DNA, and within the ternary KorA/KorB/DNA complex. The bound KorB protein remains disordered with a mobile C terminal domain and no changes in the secondary structure, but increases in the radius of gyration on complex formation. Comparison of wild… Read more →

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