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Interplanetary space extends to the edge of the Solar System where it hits interstellar space and forms the heliosphere, which is a kind of magnetic bubble around our Solar System. The boundary between interplanetary space and interstellar space is known as the heliopause and is believed to be approximately 110 to 160 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun. The solar… Read more →

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Alexander Woodman, a public health major, has diverse research interests, which include such areas as psychology, gerontology and medicine. His graduate thesis is focused on the environmental causes or contributions to mental illness among elderly population. Woodman shared that he is committed to the empowerment of society, humanity in general through education, challenge, research, discovery and diversity.. If you really… Read more →

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It has been argued that accountability is a public good that only citizens can provide. Governments can put institutions in place that allow citizens to hold public servants to account, but citizens must participate in those institutions if accountability is to be achieved. Do not participate, while benefiting from the efforts of those who do. I’ve always had a problem… Read more →

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Little is known about the varying patterns of member engagement within inflammatory bowel disease online support groups. The findings revealed that those who posted messages visited groups more often and spent longer periods of time accessing them. However, there was no difference between posters and lurkers in terms of length of time as a group member. There probably is a… Read more →

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The presented pipeline integrates, for the first time, parallel ion accumulation and detection, post processing absorption mode Fourier transform and pixel by pixel internal re calibration. To achieve that, first, we developed and coupled an external high performance data acquisition system to an FT ICR MS instrument to record the time domain signals (transients) in parallel with the instrument’s built… Read more →

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I have worked dozens of these types of unknown parentage cases. You have already accomplished one of the hardest parts of this work, figuring out the likely candidates who may be your great grandfather. The next hardest part if telling your family, which I always recommend. Not nice, Hollywood. Making the WOO, once again, something to be appreciated and enjoyed.… Read more →