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Although RsmN was found to be structurally similar to RsmA, no functional phenotypes have been identified. Consequently, rsmN was mutated and transcriptional fusions to rsmN and its anti sense transcript were constructed for expression studies. Phenotypic analysis indicated that RsmN was not involved in the control of swarming, pyocyanin, elastase and protease production or glycogen accumulation. And of course we… Read more →

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In other words, they’re not nearly as effective as face to face contact, but they’re a lot cheaper. He notes studies show that people aren’t easily persuaded by reading social media posts that contradict their beliefs, and money doesn’t always win elections. The one truly effective ad, he says, is a negative one, as it encourages an opponent’s voters to… Read more →

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More recently, a study of the connection between PAC contributions and congressional votes on sugar subsidies indicated that the largest contributions from sugar PACs had gone to members who voted for the subsidies and that the larger the PAC contribution, the more likely the members were to support industry positions. Month by month analyses of the history of legislation on… Read more →

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Privileges and penalties in the legal profession: An intersectional analysis of career progressionTomlinson, J., Valizade, D., Muzio, D., Charlwood, A. Aulakh, S., 26 Apr 2018Article in British Journal of SociologyAre postgraduate qualifications the ‘new frontier of social mobility’?Wakeling, P. B. Also known as Jim and Big Jim, dropped out of school at age sixteen, and enlisted in the United States… Read more →

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Citizens would likely use American Libra wallets that are subject to protections and that the Libra Association will work to educate users on how to avoid scams. Many Senators showed strong base knowledge of how Libra worked and asked the right questions. Marcus was generally forthcoming, beyond the topics of how much Facebook has invested in the Libra project and… Read more →

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(2018), True Cowmen and Commercial Farmers: Exploring Vets TM and Dairy Farmers TM Contrasting Views of Good Farming TM in Relation to Biosecurity. Sociologia Ruralis. This article may be used for non commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Self Archiving.. This usually causes pain in the buttock or leg. You may or may not also have… Read more →

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