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The tower is one of the most significant examples of brutalism an architectural style popular in the 1950s and 1960s, based on crude, block like forms cast from concrete. Victoria state Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth ordered Codey Herrmann, 21, to serve at least 30 years behind bars for his crimes against 21 year old Aiia Maasarwe last January. Officials… Read more →

Do Ray Ban Wayfarers Have Uv Protection

Is the most interested party in the soonest negotiated settlement of the conflict, said the statement. If the negotiations fail, Azerbaijan retains its inherent rights under the UN Charter to ensure the restoration of its sovereignty and territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders. Broke out a lengthy war against Azerbaijan by laying territorial claims on its South Caucasus neighbor.… Read more →

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Women take the pill by mouth to prevent pregnancy, and, when taken correctly, it is up to 99.9% effective. However, the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). The latex male condom provides the best protection from most STDs. While all three are currently out of print IIRC, they are worth seeking… Read more →

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Of course, the supercommittee needs to do this or the government will be on course to “sequester” (or declare off limits) $1.2 trillion in spending next year. It’s widely believed many of those cuts could originate in the defense sector. If Congress fails to initiate the cuts via legislation and the sequester kicks in automatically, global financial markets could tumble… Read more →