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While most cells in multicellular organisms carry the same genetic information, in each cell type only a subset of genes is being transcribed. Such differentiation in gene expression depends, for a large part, on the activation and repression of regulatory sequences, including transcriptional enhancers. Transcriptional enhancers can be located tens of kilobases from their target genes, but display characteristic chromatin… Read more →

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High throughput non invasive prenatal testing for fetal rhesus D status in RhD negative women not known to be sensitised to the RhD antigen: a systematic review and economic evaluationSaramago, P., Yang, H., Llewellyn, A., Walker, R., Harden, M., Palmer, S., Griffin, S. A., Clarke, S. Maddison, J. He said the hospital lacked medicines and injections. The speaker ruled that… Read more →

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Furthermore, large scale physical models of the PES were designed and constructed to compare the performance of the thermally modified pavement structures with those of conventional ones and also to validate the model. The physical model consisted of copper pipes embedded in pavements which were irradiated (causing surface heating) using halogen lamps.The results of thermo physical optimisation of pavement materials,… Read more →

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D’autant que la pice est signe Alain Platel, figure majeure de l’incontournable danse flamande. Avec sa faon unique, grave et djante d’interroger l’envers de nos socits contemporaines, la pice prsente six hommes d’ge mr bien ordinaires si ce n’est qu’ils ont men une double vie de travestis au cabaret Gardenia, lequel est sur le point de fermer. Alors, pour la… Read more →

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The use of parahydrogen induced polarisation to detect species present at low concentration and investigate their reactivityHasnip, S. K., Colebrooke, S. A., Sleigh, C. Angel Montoro (thigh) and Roberto Soldado (suspension) have been ruled out of this game. That result ended a two game winning run for them, but their recent league form has not been very convincing. They have… Read more →

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Sunrise Groves is an odd piece, creating a new land use. Why would Martin allow a 1,717 acre industrial office development designed to serve thousands of existing and future Port St. Lucie residents? The developers, Consolidated Citrus/King Ranch, gave $25,000 to a political action committee that bought campaign ads for Commissioner Ed Ciampi and donated to Commissioner Doug Smith.. A… Read more →

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Using both a multi disciplinary perspective and a multi level focus on CSR leadership, we identify four narrative cases. We propose that they helped to re define individuals TM sense of self and in some extreme cases completely transformed their self identity as leaders of CSR. Hence we also distinguish the momentous turning point (MTP) that created a seismic shift… Read more →

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