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Melvyn Washington, a school liaison with 32 years at Hillsides who advocates for the education rights of Hillsides children, explained his commitment to Hillsides this way: “I’m an overachiever. Everyone always says, if you can save one kid, you’ve done your job. Well, I am going to save as many kids as I can.”. Virgin Atlantic’s website violated DOT rules… Read more →

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This in terms of cost? Is this in terms of security? asked Christopher Bidwell, vice president, of security and facilitation for Airports Council International North America, when contacted by NewsFeed. Bidwell explains that the TSA has not yet provided the criteria that they believe would make private screening a and substantial advantage to the TSA. Want to know the criteria… Read more →

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“It took me five years to obtain a TPI pension and that was with the assistance of an advocate.” Mr Gray launched an online petition earlier this year demanding the dismissal of Rear Admiral Robyn Walker, the Australian Defence Force commander joint health and surgeon general, following her appearance on a Four Corners program. Admiral Walker had described claims three… Read more →

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Lastly, I analyze the ways in which the bodily movements of the medical practitioners become embodied action that leads to concrete experiences of care. Ultimately, I argue that through the movement of bodies, ideas, and emotions, the ideal and abstract notion of care becomes a lived reality through which practitioners make a difference in the lives of their patients.This project… Read more →

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Electronics is playing a leading role in the scientific and technical revolution. The introduction of s in various areas of human activity contributes in large and often decisive measure to the resolution of complex scientific and technical problems, to an increase in the productivity of physical and mental labor, and to the improvement of economic indexes of production. The achievements… Read more →

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