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For example you and your workmates might form a syndicate called ‘Men at Work Syndicate’ which has a 10% share in a horse. The nominated Syndicate Manager would be responsible for all communication to the syndicate members from the racing manager or stable directly, and in charge of the distribution of the syndicate’s share in prize money.Promoters Syndications:Owning a horse… Read more →

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If you are experiencing chronic dehydration from not drinking enough water, or from drinking water depleting drinks such as coffee, beer or beverages containing sugar, your body tries to prevent respiratory water loss by producing histamines which close off the capillaries in your lungs. Through the constriction of these capillaries, water loss is reduced, but of course breathing is made… Read more →

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Heavy weights to the trade averaged just under 150c and made to 157.2c/kg. Heavy grown steers made to 176.2c and bullocks made to 173.6c to average 170c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 106c and 3 scores 118c/kg. Subgroups of rats received intra articular injections of, QX 314 (membrane impermeable local anaesthetic)+capsaicin, QX 314, capsaicin or vehicle on days 7,… Read more →

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GA tuning of pitch controller for small scale MAVsThe paper presents the application of intelligent tuning methods for the control of a prototype MAV in order to address problems associated with bandwidth limited actuators and gust alleviation. Specifically, as a proof of concept, the investigation is focused on the pitch control of a MAV. The work is supported by experimental… Read more →

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