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And Reinecke, M. And Remazeilles, M. And Renault, C. Secondary school staff (N = 63) with responsibilities for special educational needs or disabilities completed a survey about support strategies for students with Tourette syndrome. Participants were first asked to suggest potentially helpful strategies and then rated how easily 17 recommended strategies could be implemented in school. The survey participants suggested… Read more →

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Ajusta los terminales. Revisa la curvatura de los terminales. Si los anteojos te aprietan demasiado las orejas o los lados de la cabeza, dobla los terminales (los extremos de las varillas) hacia afuera. I am a first time mom but I can’t imagine anyone better! He delivers at Methodist and Mercy. To the other moms with info on the hospitals.… Read more →

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1Books of psychiatric diagnostic criteria that are American and European based, respectively.2You may recognise the voice of experience in this.3A delusion is a fixed, false belief that can’t be explained by a person’s cultural background. Delusions are accepted unquestioningly by the patient as true.4A preoccupation is when a person dwells on a notion that can’t be put out of their… Read more →

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