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Findings demonstrated that histrionic personality belief positively affected the need for social approval and desire for being liked. The need for social approval and desire for being liked positively affected social media addiction. Finally, social media addiction positively affected narcissistic personality belief.. The limited mailing of ballots puts Colorado Springs at risk of a lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act… Read more →

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“It’s 75 degrees and sunny outside. We’ve got this guy. Who wouldn’t want to be here? We want to become a destination where everyone wants to be. But real map routing problems are often not that simple it is often necessary to consider time dependent edge costs. For example, in public transportation routing, consideration of the time dependent model of… Read more →

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Attend ConnectNow and leave equipped with actionable strategies to implement to your business. You’ll learn the latest trends, practical how tos, and IT solutions that can optimize your organization’s use of technology and help you meet your mission to create more social good in the world and you’ll have a good time, to boot. Select “Mashable” from the “How did… Read more →

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6 weeks TM immobilisation in a below knee cast.Method/design: We have designed a pragmatic randomised controlled trial (p RCT) to compare the EMADE intervention against usual care. We will recruit 144 independently living adult participants, absent of tissue healing comorbidities, who have undergone surgical stabilisation of isolated Weber B ankle fractures. The EMADE intervention consists of a non weight bearing… Read more →

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The argument proceeds in four steps. Part I explains how scholars press into service the logic of collective action either to justify or condemn federalism jurisprudence. Part II then develops a detailed taxonomy of divergent collective action dynamics by drawing on both empirical and theoretical studies from economics, sociology, political science, and game theory. Matthew O. Williams of Texas, who… Read more →

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“By the 22nd of next month, we need to run our water scenario through this state prescribed formula and to tell the state how much water Pasadena needs to continue conserving for the next three years,” Wendy De Leon, Customer Relations Manager at Pasadena Water and Power, said Tuesday. “We haven’t run those numbers yet; we’re waiting on some information… Read more →

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