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Unsurprisingly, when Chairman Mao saw this epic documentary, he castigated it as counter revolutionary propaganda and commissioned a stylistic denunciation that drew a celebrated response from the critic Susan Sontag in her book On Photography. The Chinese accused Antonioni of shooting the scenes they had stage managed from too many angles and of deliberately framing imposing edifices to emphasise their… Read more →

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Joe began investigating aquaponics talking to scientists who knew about the closely related science of hydroponics, and also the owners of the Colorado Gators Reptile Park in Mosca, which raises gators, tilapia, reptiles and birds. (This is where Joe learned to wrestle alligators: “Always sneak up from behind,” he says, adding, “The front side is the sensors, so you just… Read more →

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This book, ” Seduction,” explores the seductive tactics used by food companies, beverage companies, cosmetic manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. In this book, you’ll find a fascinating collection of information, covering over a dozen different health seduction strategies these companies use to mess with your mind and compel you to part with your money. Don’t miss out. She quit her job,… Read more →