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However ABS data shows that the average weekly salary in the ACT is $998 while the national average is only $662. In productive Victoria it is lower at $644. Canberra has little or no industry, manufacturing or corporate HQs, as far as I know, so are the excessive salaries being paid mostly to public servants including ministers advisers? Adrian Jackson,… Read more →

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People with multiple sclerosis have problems with memory and attention. Cognitive rehabilitation is a structured set of therapeutic activities designed to retrain an individual TMs memory and other cognitive functions. Cognitive rehabilitation may be provided to teach people strategies to cope with these problems, in order to reduce the impact on everyday life. Junior summer finally ended and JC was… Read more →

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Carnegie Hall postponed concerts planned for Tuesday. Off Broadway shows and even national tours of Broadway shows like “Anything Goes,” currently in Wilmington, Del., closed their doors.It was the most detrimental storm for the theater community since the threat of Hurricane Irene in late August 2011 prompted producers to cancel matinee and evening performances on both a Saturday and Sunday.East… Read more →

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In addition this research will further explore source memory. Twitter posts and CNN headlines were presented to participants, some were altered so that content from Twitter posts was on CNN headlines, and CNN headlines was presented as a Twitter post. Participants completed a social media and news questionnaire and then took a memory test. The two probes, known as MarCO… Read more →

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Health care and pension costs have risen, he said and the specter of a tight budget fits into his overall approach to reduce the scope of hometown projects that always get tucked in the state spending plan by lawmakers.Negron said this week that he agrees cuts can be made. But he isn budging from spending more to ease the state… Read more →

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As part of this project, the City will be coordinating with Wisconsin and Southern Railroad to replace the railroad crossing of W Washington Ave. The existing rubber material crossing will be replaced with concrete panels, which will extend through the sidewalk on both sides of the street. The crossing replacement will require the closure of W Washington Ave to through… Read more →

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Check out the sandbox game Kerbal Space Program. You learn a lot about orbital mechanics, how much fuel it actually takes to get into orbit with today engines, a lot about engine efficiencies and when to use different engines for different missions. You also learn about air resistance, getting to orbit in a single stage, and landing in an atmosphere… Read more →

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M. Charkaoui a dclar vendredi qu’il n’avait pas voulu parler de la poursuite plus tt parce que ses avocats mettaient la touche finale au dossier. Mais il a vendu la mche cette semaine en mentionnant ses dmarches judiciaires lors d’une confrence Sherbrooke sans savoir qu’un journaliste se trouvait dans la salle.. Indeed, it is all about the narrative. At one… Read more →

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Harris et ses partenaires ont pay 280 millions$US pour les 76ers. Ils ne possdent toutefois pas l’amphithtre des 76ers, tant rests locataires du Wells Fargo Center qui appartient toujours Comcast. Hier, ils sont devenus propritaires du Prudential Center au New Jersey, mais ils ont bien prcis leur intention de garder les 76ers Philadelphie.. D., Holdsworth, M. J., Ismail, A. M.,… Read more →

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Outraged he killed some of his sheep, but the law catches up to him. He hid with the monks in a desert colony where their pious lives influenced him. Soon he converted to Christianity and joined the monks.. He also said that swift water rescue teams had been busy helping multiple people facing rising water. Friday. One is in the… Read more →